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AVP is about being a better, happier, healthier person, who is more connected with themself, their innate health and with those important to them. The emotionally intelligent skills learned can be brought to one’s church, community groups, work place, and family and relatives. It is amazing the impact AVP has on us and those around us. 


AVP began in 1975 as primarily a nonviolence workshop for inmates in state prisons, but it has evolved into much more.

It has become a significant vehicle or tool in reducing the violence and hate in our society and daily lives. Since 1975, there have been more than 15,000 workshops given in the United States, and many more internationally.

AVP has been successful because uses a unique immersive experiential workshop design that is enjoyable, engaging, energizing and empowering.

This model is easy to learn for anyone with basic communication skills. It has been written up in national corrections journals, professional journals, had a nationally televised PBS special on it, and it is supported by current neuroscience research.


The most violent middle school in Philadelphia saw a 90% drop in violence and another violent middle school had no violent incidents, assaults, arrests, or suspensions during the year the program was implemented.


In Australia, one statewide school system experienced an 85% drop in bullying in those schools with AVP programs.

North Carolina

In North Carolina, most of our workshops are done in prisons, and research shows that AVP reduces recidivism by 47% and anger by 30% to well below the norm for Americans in general. 

Why Now?

Now, more than ever, we need to build trust and connection in our communities. If you are frustrated and feel powerless about the divisiveness and negativity in our community, AVP can be a vehicle for you to have an impact. You will also experience benefits personally for participating in this important volunteer program. Learn how to transform hostility and destructiveness into cooperation, community and justice. In addition, learn how to effectively manage your anger, strengthen personal relationships, communicate better and connect with like-minded people.

Join us as we become the change we want to see in our families, neighborhoods and communities. It is fun, enriching and an empowering experience, and it is available to you now. 

Participants often report the experience is life changing, giving new focus and purpose for their lives. Some typical comments by participants are:

I went into the workshop as a pessimist and I came out as a changed person. I was alive. I was actually alive. I liked what I saw in myself. I liked what I saw in the mirror.”

 AVP changed my life. I was actually happy and successful as a CEO, but that wasn’t enough. Now I have purpose and the skills to be the person I knew I could be.

If there is such a thing as a miraculous change in an individual, I can truthfully say that it was during my involvement with AVP that I began to grow from a person filled with hate, anger, and despair, into a person who believes he too is responsible for the protection, preservation and enrichment of humanity.

A couple of returned inmates comment about their AVP experience, and an example of a workshop exercise:

And a few comments from incarcerated veterans with PTSD and other stress conditions resulting from their military service, many of whom said they wished they had experienced AVP prior to being discharged:

I feel like a prayer has been answered.”

“I feel I have participated in a program which is destined to change and save lives.”

I have learned to restore my faith in mankind.”

“I learned there are people like myself, that I am someone, I am me.”

I am not alone in fighting my inner battles, and a realization of who I am and can be for the greater good of my family, friends and community.”

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